Tree & Log Marking Paint

Highball paint
Highball paint mark on tree


A superior Tree Marking paint for Forestry, Lumber Marking, Boundary Marking and Construction & Survey use. HIGHBALL® Tree Marking Paint is the same product formerly known as RUDD Tree & Log Marking and Hi-Vis Paint.

With its aerosol delivery system, HIGHBALL® Tree Marking Paint has a controlled penetration rate that leaves a lasting high visibility mark.  HIGHBALL® Tree Marking Paint weathers long-term and has excellent exposure resistance to sunlight and moisture without disappearing. Lead-free and contains no CFCs.

Sold in cases only of 12 aerosol 13oz. (369gm) cans per case. All cans supplied with long-range spray nozzels. (regular nozzles are available by request)

Cases available in Tree & Log regular colours: Black, red, blue, yellow, orange, green and white.

Cases available in Hi-Vis fluorescent colours: Red, pink, orange, blue and green.

For additional information, please contact our Forestry and Industrial Sales Representative, Jeffery Mahe directly at 604-727-0707, in the office at 604-294-6288 or by email to