Engraveable Lamacoid Plastic is 1/16 inch thick and available in a number of standard dual colour formats. Designed for both indoor and outdoor applications in any custom shape or size up to 12″ x 24″. In addition to being used for signs and nameplates it can also be used to create custom name badges and tags such as electrical panel identification, door number plates. legend plates, HVAC tags or any other application you may require. Engraveable Lamacoid Plastic can be engraved with your specific text, logo and can include a border if required. The edges can be bevelled and can be customized in shape, with holes and supplied with self adhesive tape on the back.

We can supply our Simply Frames & Holders to complete our engraved lamacoid plastic name plates and signs. Readily available in polished aluminum or Black aluminum in desk, wall/door and projection mount hallway holders in standard sizes. Solid walnut triangle desk holders are also available. Custom sizes and colours are available in aluminum and plastic by quotation. Click on our Simply Frames & Holders catalogue below to view the many available products we can offer.

We have no minimum order requirements and we are never too busy to help. Phone us at 604-294-6288 or email our signage department directly at signsales@geohewitt.com

Hewco Simply Frames & Holders