Ideal for professional offices, university, school and government buildings, bridges, park bench and picnic table programs and any commemorative need. Classic to modern and everything in between. Machine tooled, Cast and Etched Plaques in Bronze, Aluminum, Brass and Stainless Steel. Made to order as small as 2″ x 2″ to as large as 60″ x 96″. Designed for Indoor or Outdoor Use. We will offer you the best plaque to meet your specific requirements whether that be a Machine Tooled Plaque, Cast Plaque or Etched plaque. We will work with you as necessary throughout the entire process to identify the best size and type for your particular needs.

Included in your cost: Custom Size and Shape, Horizontal raised brushed features, (Text, Logos, Border) with Recessed, textured and painted background. Choose one of 4 different textured backgrounds, (Leatherette, Stipple, Sand, Pebble). Choose one of 4 different classic background paint colours, (Black, Dark Oxide, Brown, Duranodic Bronze), one of our 45 standard paint colours or any custom colour. Choose one of 12 different border and bevel options or have none if desired. Choose one of 4 different clear coat options, (Satin, Gloss, Semi-Gloss, Matte). Choose a mounting options, (Concealed Mount or Through Hole Mount). Choose one of 7 different Rosette styles for the Through Hole Mounting option if ordered and desired. Braille is also available if required.

Optional Upgrades: Installation Mounting Pattern, Oxide and Patina Finishes on Bronze Plaques, (Light Oxide, Oxide, Dark Oxide, Verde, Turquoise, Green). Raised polished finish in place of raised brushed finish. Raised painted features. Stake and Post Mount options. Portrait and Image Options, (Flat Relief, Photo Relief, Bas Relief, Etched Portrait Addition, UV Colour Print Addition, Ceramic Colour Plate Addition). Double Sided Plaque.

We have no minimum order requirements and we are never too busy to help. Phone us at 604-294-6288 or email our signage department directly at

Plaques Spec Sheet