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The original marking chalk for temporary markings on metal, wood, stone and paperboard since 1835. This smooth-marking chalk is ideal for bright temporary marks. Large 4″ x 1″ (101.6mm x 25.4mm) tapered stick for an easy grip. PMA Certified Non-toxic.

Available in four colours. Red, Yellow, Blue or White.


Brilliant fluorescent chalk, scannable with UV scanning equipment. Available in a full selection of fluorescent colours. Large 4″ x 1″ (101.6mm x 25.4mm) tapered stick for an easy grip. PMA Certified Non-toxic.

Available in five colours, Red, Orange, Yellow/Green, Blue/Violet or Red/Violet.


Dixon Lumber Crayons last up to 10 times longer than ordinary molded wax crayons. Fade proof, water proof, smear proof, these crayons won’t melt in direct sunlight. They will work on wet (green) lumber or dry wood, metal, concrete and most other surfaces. Each crayon is individually UPC coded and hex shaped (4-1/2 x 1/2 inches) to fit lumber crayon holders. PMA Certified Non-toxic.

Available in 11 colours. Black, Blue, Fluorescent Pink, Green, Purple, Red, Soft Blue, Soft Graphite, Soft Red, White and Yellow.


Markal ULTRASCAN lumber grading crayons provide the best color separation and character recognition in the industry for grade mark readers. Bright colors provide the highest fluorescent response of any lumber grading marker. Maximum character recognition and accuracy for the lowest possible reject rates. Each batch is tested to meet the specifications for Lucidyne ColorScan and Newnes-McGehee grade mark readers. Unique formula provides excellent writing on wet and green lumber, even with fungicide coating. 26 colors for superior color separation compared to competitive fluorescent wax crayons. Specifically developed for Lucidyne, Newnes-McGehee and Cypress grade mark readers. One hardness for all temperatures, eliminates duplicate inventory. Dramatically longer use, provides up to 4x the writing life of competitive crayons.

Size is 4-3/4″ x 11/16″ (120.7mm x 17.5mm).

Available in 26 colours. Brick Red, Magenta, Red/Orange, Orange, Berry, Lime, Burgundy, Dark Orange, Brown, Green, Rust, Yellow/Orange, Yellow, Blue/Green, Bright Pink, Royal Blue, Light Blue, Bright Orange, Spring Green, Dark Brown, Golden Rod, Purple, Bright Red, Neon Orange, Tan and Tangerine. (see colour examples to left)


High quality wood holders can accommodate both crayons and chalk for increased convenience. 3 sizes. Standard holds 9/16″ (14.29mm), Fluorescent holds 11/16″ (17.46mm) and Jumbo holds 1″ (25.4mm). Can hold both round and hexagonal shapes. Holders have a metal knurled tightening ring and a wrist strap for increased durability and functionality.


Redimark Permanent Markers are the ultimate choice for superior durability. The 6″ (152mm) long barrel is perfect for tough work environments. These sturdy markers won’t crack, melt or break. They feature a lek proof seamless metal body and a heavy duty chisel felt tip with anchored nib construction. Alcohol based fast drying ink is fade resistant on glass, plastic, metals, wood, cellophane, paper and virtually any pourous or non pourous surface. PMA Certified Non Toxic.

Available in 4 colours. Black, Red, Blue and Green.


Sturdy aluminum body and large felt tip gives years of reliable service. Easily refillable barrel holds 1/2 oz. (15ml) of Marsh K ink. Valve action keeps the tip freshly inked and ready to mark. Replacement tips available. Great for applications where you use a lot of ink. These markers are valve actuated. You open the valve by pressing the tip in & resupplying the felt tip with ink from the handle reservoir. When the marking gets too light, simply press down and allow more ink to flow to the tip.


The smooth-writing WS-3/8 Paintstik is a removable solid paint crayon. The fine line marks are easily wiped away with water and will not ghost on non-porous surfaces. Water soluble for easy removal before production or finishing. Smaller diameter for finer line marking. Ideal for temporary marking on non-porous surfaces. Easy to hold, recyclable paperboard holder protects Paintstik for maximum use. 7/16″ (11mm) diameter x 4-1/8″ (105mm) long. Marking Temperature Range. -50°F to 150°F (-46°C to 66°C).

Available in 4 colours. Black, Yellow, Red and White.


As Markal’s most versatile and economic marker, the Paintstik Original B solid paint marker combines the durability of paint in the convenience of a crayon. The real paint formula has superior marking performance on oily, icy, wet, dry or cold surfaces and is weather and UV resistant. This Paintstik works on rough, rusty, smooth, or dirty surfaces. Solid paint marker eliminates replacement tips, sharpening or priming, increasing productivity. Easy to hold, recyclable paperboard holder protects Paintstik for maximum use. 5/8″ (17 mm) diameter x 4-3/4″ (121mm) long. Marking range: -50°F to 150°F (-46°C to 66°C)

Available in Black, Red, White and 17 other colours.