Stencil Products


Stencil Express Electric Stencil-Cutting Machine

An electronic stencil-cutting system that is computer-driven with state-of-the-art software designed specifically to meet your varied stencilling requirements. The software program is designed to run directly from your existing PC and does not require a stand-alone dedicated PC system. All that is required for the software is one of the following programs: Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000 or XP. The heavy-duty cutting bed and 400 grams of knife force will allow you to cut oil board, magnetic and polyethylene materials as well as vinyl for decals in 610mm (24″) widths.



Rotary Stencil Cutting Machines

Easy-to-read characters on the large-character dial for error-free operation. Built to be solid, so stable it doesn’t need to be bolted to the work surface. Always provides sharp, clear marks and makes the cleanest cuts with no tearing or pulling.

Model R 25.4mm 1″ 4-Line 34KG 71 LB
Model R (5-line) 25.4mm 1″ 5-Line 34KG 71 LB
Model R (Spanish R) 25.4mm 1″ 4-Line 34KG 71 LB
Model S 19.0mm 3/4″ 4-Line 24KG 53 LB
Model H 12.7mm 1/2″ 6-Line 24KG 53 LB
Model Q 6.4mm 1/4″ 10-Line 24KG 53 LB



Super-Size Stencil-Cutting Machines

Cut large, easily-read stencils quickly and easily. Durable construction and a wide range of font sizes and choice of languages make the Super Size Stencil-Cutter the only stencil machine you’ll ever need. Individual character dies are made of metal alloys with fine cutting edges and are arranged on the cutting bed. After positioning the stencil board on top of the letters, turning the cylinder by hand causes the bed to pass under the cylinder, cutting the stencil.

Character sizes from 20mm to 250mm (1/4″ to 10)”




High-quality, oil-treated paper board. Marsh oilboard is cured in a plant that is solely dedicated to the production of superior-grade oilboard. Marsh oilboard is treated with a special blend of triple-boiled linseed oils to resist ink bleed-through. After treatment with the oil, the board is cut with the grain in order to further strengthen its rigidity. This whole process provides you with clean, sharp marks with your stencilling system. The high absorption of oil in the board self-lubricates the punches of your stencil machine to extend the life of the machine.

0.38mm (0.15)” thick, naturally coloured oilboard comes in the following sizes. Custom-cut sizes available.

27.9cm x 91.4cm (11″ x 36″)
50.8cm x 81.3cm (20″ x 32″)
61cm x 91.4cm (24″ x 36″)

Full rolls of material and 0.18mm (0.007″) and 0.28mm (0.011″) thicknesses in natural or canary yellow colour also available by special order.



Rolmark Stencil Ink

Waterproof, permanent and fast-drying. Marks on any porous or non-porous surface. Rolmark stencil ink can be used with the Rolmark FR200 fountain roller, FB26 fountain brush, RM50 pad, RM20 hand roller or standard spray gun. Use Marsh Rolmark Solvent for cleanup. Available in black, blue, green, orange, red, white, yellow, bright blue and brown. Available in .95L (1 quart) and 3.8L (1 gallon). Standard colours meet government performance specification CID A-A-208B.



K Stencil Ink

Permanent, waterproof, fast-drying, for marking on porous surfaces such as: paper, cloth, wood, cardboard cartons, etc. Marsh K Stencil ink can be used with the Rolmark FR200 fountain roller, FB26 fountain brush, RM50 pad, RM20 hand roller, M99 refillable pen or standard spray gun. Available in black. Comes in .95L (1 quart) and 3.8L (1 gallon) sizes. Use Marsh K-Solvent for cleanup.


Spray Stencil Ink

Spray stencil inks are useful for permanent, waterproof, fast-drying, bold marks on any surface. Marsh spray inks are lead-free, CFC- and CFHC-free. Standard colours: black, blue, green, orange, red, white, yellow and tan mark-over. Packaged in 325ml (11oz.) cans. Meets government performance requirements for specification CID A-A-208B.

Tan mark-over sprays on any surface to cover old marks and allows for re-use of cardboard cartons and wooden crates.


FB26 Fountain Brush

The Marsh FB26 Fountain Brush ensures solid stencil coverage and strong, clear marks, Great for uneven surfaces such as old drums, crates, lumber or concrete. No-mess operation, as ink refill is at the handle end of the brush. Extend product life with replaceable brush tips. Use brushes for porous and non-porous applications with the appropriate ink. Includes polypropylene cap to protect genuine hog’s hair tip. Use with Marsh Rolmark or K inks.


Fountain Roller

The pump action of Marsh Fountain Roller gives you fast, uniform ink dispensing without fading or flooding.

Use the FR200 in 38.1mm (1-1/2″) or 76.2mm (3″) size on porous or non-porous surfaces with Marsh Rolmark or K inks.

Durable aluminium and brass construction for tough environments. Long-wearing neoprene roller. Environmentally friendly, as refill from Marsh quart or gallon ink cans can reduce packaging waste. Replacement rollers available.


RM20 Hand Rollers

The Marsh Hand Rollers come in three different widths to accommodate many different stencilling needs. Comes in 38.1mm (1-1/2″), 76.2mm (3″) and 114.3mm (4-1/2″).

Use in combination with the Marsh RM50 pad.

For use with all Marsh inks.



RM50 Sponge Pad

Designed primarily for use with Marsh hand rollers and all Marsh inks. The pad measures 177.8mm x 101.6mm (7″ x 4″).