Letters & Lettering



Installation available on all products


Hewco Computer-Cut Vinyl Letters

For interior or exterior use. From a large colour selection of Avery® vinyl, Hewitt’s can computer-cut letters and numbers in character sizes up to 122cm (48″) high. We also can provide letters in metallic and imitation etched glass materials to compliment any decor. Choose from regular fonts, or provide us with your font or custom artwork.

Letters are cut, weeded and supplied pre-spaced with a paper pre-mask applied to the surface so that you can easily remove the backing from the vinyl letters, apply them to your desired surface, squeegee them down and carefully remove the pre-mask to reveal your finished signage.

Vinyl letters are also available in any specific Pantone colour.


Hewco Polycast Letters

For interior or exterior use. Hewitt’s Polycast 3-dimensional lettering offers a visual appeal rarely found in today’s market. When enamel-painted, these lightweight and economical cast polyester resin letters make more conventional flat face lettering pale in comparison. Letters come un-painted in bone white. Drill, saw or file, just like wood. Sandable and paintable. Lightweight and for use indoors or outdoors.



Hewco Laser- and Router-Cut Acrylic and Sintra Letters

For interior or exterior use, Hewitt’s can laser-cut or router-cut letters and numbers in 3.2mm (1/8″) or 6.4mm (1/4″) thick acrylic or up to 25.4mm (1″) Sintra and custom-paint them to any specific Pantone colour. These 3-dimensional letters help add depth to your specific signage project. Choose from regular fonts or provide us with your custom artwork.


Hewco Metal- or Acrylic-Faced Laminated Letters and Foam Letters

A metal letter look for interior or exterior use. The face material is .025″ thick and can be laminated to different size thicknesses of foam, acrylic, Sintra or composite materials with the sides painted any of our standard paint colours or matched to your specifications. The Octolux face material standard finishes are brushed gold, polished gold, polished silver, brushed silver and satin bronze. Other custom colour finishes are also available. Acrylic laminated to the same base materials as above; also available in standard colours.

Foam letters for interior or exterior use can be fabricated in virtually any size in many different thicknesses. The foam can be custom-painted or supplied un-painted as required.


Hewco Machine-Cut Aluminium, Brass and Stainless Steel Letters

For interior or exterior use. Standard fonts or your custom artwork can be cut from sheet stock of different thicknesses of aluminium, brass or stainless steel. Brushed or polished finishes can be applied. The aluminium letters can be custom-colour painted. The brass letters can be chrome-plated and polished.

Letters can be supplied with a flat back or pins supplied for mounting.


Formed Plastic Letters

For interior or exterior use. Formed plastic letters of Cellulose Acetate Butyrate (CAB), these letters are the utmost in versatility. Formed letters, while the standard for most local business, can also be found on financial institutions, office parks and many national retail chains. Their inexpensive moulds make it easy to customize a letter style or logo for the perfect 3-dimensional sign. Formed letters also provide the deepest dimension for the money.

80 standard styles, available in 31 standard colours. Custom text and colours are also available.

Flat, round or sculptured faces available.

Letters are hollow back. Plain, stud, pad and other mounting options are available.



Hewco Cast Bronze and Aluminium Letters

For interior or exterior use. Cast metal letters have always reflected style and class on the sites they adorn. Perhaps this is because the underlying casting process itself has changed so little over the past 100 years. It may also be because the letter-casting process, which allows for the creation of the deepest, sturdiest, most beautiful metal letters available.

Cast bronze letters are a popular choice for house and office address lettering. Any style and size of letter can be reproduced.


Scott Injection-Moulded Plastic Letters

Available in black, white, gold, silver or 2-tone, these injection-moulded plastic letters are stocked in 9 common fonts and in character heights from 25mm (1″) to 102mm (4″). Character heights up to 203mm (8″) and Tabbee Font sets 13mm (1/2″) to 38mm (1-1/2″) are available by special order.


Hewco Changeable Letter Board Letters

These sets are precision-moulded white plastic letters in a Helvetica style for grooved rubber or Roman style for grooved felt. The changeable letters feature small tabs that are designed to fit ALL manufacturers’ grooved letter boards. For indoor or outdoor use. Available in many sizes. Our 5/16″ Helvetica style for grooved rubber letters is commonly used for Enterphone letter boards on strata properties.


Change Letters

For gas station, school, church, business and other outdoor displays:

RIGID 2mm (0.080″) thick clear rigid acrylic letters
Available in 10cm (4″), 15cm (6″), 20cm (8″) or 25cm (10″) sizes. Black letters and red numbers.

FLEX 0.76mm (0.030″) thick clear flex plastic letters
Available in 5cm (2″), 10cm (4″), 18cm (7″), 23cm (9″) or 28cm (11″) sizes. Black letters and red numbers.

KOROFLO 4mm (0.157″) thick coloured corrugated plastic letters
Available in 13cm (5-1/4″), 18cm (7″), 27cm (10-1/2″) or 53cm (21)” sizes. Black background with choice of fluorescent yellow, pink, orange, primrose or white letters and numbers.

Track and change poles also available.