We have been manufacturing and supplying custom signage for over a Century. General Types of Signage are listed below and other Signage Types we manufacture and supply are linked on our Signage menu above. If you do not see the specific type of signage you require or are not sure what kind of signage you need, please contact us at 604-294-6288 or email our signage department directly at so we can offer our assistance and help you come up with a solution.

We can provide tactile features as well as bead braille to most of our signage types for the visually impaired. Please request these features if you require them on your signage.

Electrically powered and computer interfaced signage are specialty products that require a great deal of design, planning and site preparation. We do not display these items within our website but can discuss options and considerations for this kind of signage with you when requested.

All signage we manufacture and supply can be installed by you, the customer and we will provide you with the information you need to help you do the installation yourself. If you require us to perform the installation for you, we would be happy to provide this service. Please read our signage installation disclaimer at the bottom of this page.​

We have no minimum order requirements and we are never too busy to help.


Our parking signage is constructed from .081″ thick sign grade aluminum and faced with 3M engineering grade reflective white sheeting. Completed signs come in standard sizes of 12″ x 12″, 12″ x 18″, 18″ x 18″ and 18″ x 24″. Any custom size is also available for your particular application.

We can supply single colour or full colour graphics for your parking sign from simple text only to building logos, icons or any other image you may require.

We can supply your parking signage with industrial foam tape self-adhesive for mounting to smooth surfaces or supply it with mounting holes for either screw mounting directly to a wall or for mounting to our post mounting system. 10 foot long x 2-3/8″ diameter galvanized posts, sign mounting brackets and domed post caps are available as required. Posts can be cut to any length you require.

Let us know the specifics of what you require on your sign and we can help design your parking sign for you.


Full colour printed decals & graphics for indoor or outdoor use onto self-adhesive white, clear or reflective vinyl for creating custom signage by applying the printed vinyl directly onto your walls, doors, windows, cases, directory boards or virtually any other surface including vehicles, watercraft, elevators and floors. Graphics can also be printed onto white or clear static cling, imitation window etch film and other specialty vinyl substrates. Custom manufactured in any size, shape and quantity. There is no minimum order required.

In addition to printing onto vinyl substrates, we can also print graphics directly onto the surface of plastic, acrylic or metal for indoor or outdoor use. These signs can be supplied with holes, self-adhesive tapes or other specialty mounting options as required.


Self-adhesive characters and logos in standard colours in fonts from 3/8 inch to 60 inch tall. Kiss-cut, weeded and pre-masked, ready for application directly to any existing smooth indoor or outdoor surface. Use for creating custom signage on your walls, doors, windows, directory boards or virtually any other surface including vehicles, watercraft, elevators and floors. When requested, most vinyl colours can be applied in reverse to the indoor surface of windows and clear acrylic, viewable from outside. Vinyl graphics can also be created and used in the manufacturing process of finished signs by applying the vinyl to various substrates such as plastic, acrylic, metals and glass to create custom signs in any size and colour. Custom acrylic signs can have custom colour backgrounds to match your specific requirement. Custom signs can be supplied with holes, self-adhesive tapes or other specialty mounting options as required. Specialty vinyl such as metallic, reflective, translucent and imitation window etch films are also available.


Installation Service is available for most products. Please contact our Sign Department by phone at 604-294-6288 or to for specific information.


In regards to any Installation service quoted and or provided by The Geo. H. Hewitt Co. Limited. You the Customer in all cases is solely responsible to review, receive and to pay as obligated for any and all permissions, permits or any other legal or contractual requirements with whom your responsibility lies prior to and in regards to the signage being installed at the specific location. The condition of and all preparations to the installation surface where the signage is to be installed is solely the responsibility of the Customer to complete prior to the installation taking place. The Geo. H. Hewitt Co. Limited takes no responsibility and will not be held responsible for any costs associated with the failure on the part of the Customer to take these actions. An Additional charge to the cost of the installation may be required after the installer arrives on site for any scheduled installation if the installation is not able to take place due to the part of the Customer or their Agents.