Wax Seals

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Brass Stamps

Manufactured from one inch diameter solid brass and machined into an attractive one piece stamp. Engraved with your custom artwork, logo, monogram or text.

Glue Gun Flexible Wax Sticks

Insert your sticks into a standard full-sized glue gun. You will need to keep the gun chamber full at all times in order to extrude the wax. Allow the gun to heat up. Push out a circle of wax close in size to your stamp head. There is of course creative license in play here. Let the wax dry for a second or two and then gently place the stamper into the wax. Remove the stamper only when the wax has hardened in order to get the best impression. Keeping you stamper chilled is advisable for best results. A tried and true method to accomplish this is to keep an ice pack next to your work area and rest your stamper on it between stamps. Keep it dry though!

**We do not recommend using any release agents or highlighting ink as this type of wax is non-porous. Any foreign material will stay on the surface of the wax and could transfer onto anything the seal may touch like your expensive invitations or envelopes.**

You can also melt the wax with a flame if desired however you may encounter your finished seal to contain a sooty residue which you will not get using a standard size glue gun.

Stamps $56.00 ea (plus taxes), Wax Sticks $2.85 ea (plus taxes), Wax Stick Guns $13.75 ea (plus taxes)