Rubber Stamps


We have been producing stamps for over 100 years for companies and organizations in many industries including: Government, Schools, Corporate, Legal, Real Estate, Small Businesses and More.

If you have questions about stamps, please call our office at 604-294-6288. We welcome your inquiries. You can also view our rubber stamps catalogue or online order forms below as well.


Our traditional rubber stamps have been made virtually without change with the same quality craftsmanship over the last 122 years. This quality rubber stamp coupled with our dedication to customer service makes us the number one choice for purchasing custom rubber stamps not only in Vancouver but across Canada.

With a solid wood handle and base and a quality rubber die, our traditional rubber stamp is the most economical and durable of all the rubber stamping products. We can customize the size to suit your requirements. The traditional rubber stamp is used in conjunction with a stamp pad that comes in a variety of colors and is purchased separately. For use with porous or non-pourous inks depending on your requirement. Heavy-duty, deep rubber molded and rocker-mount stamps are also available for an extra cost, depending on your needs.


A self-inking stamp is different from the traditional stamp as it has an internal ink pad which transfers ink onto the rubber die every time you operate it. This stamp is recommended for use on paper, cardboard or any other flat pourous surface. You can change just the rubber die on these stamps when necessary making them cost effective to update.

Self-inking stamps are perfect for repeated stamping throughout the day. To use, simply line up the stamp where you want to make an impression and press downward on the handle. The rubber stamps the paper, leaving a crisp impression. The ink pad inside the handle is replaceable when required.

Our competitive pricing includes a custom rubber die and ink pad in your choice of colour.


A pre-inked stamp is a premium quality stamp which makes clear and crisp impressions. This type of stamp is ideal for office use primarily to stamp addresses, logos and any other text onto flat pourous paper where the quality of the impression is important.

Pre-inked stamps are always ready for action and do not require a separate ink pad. The ink is impregnated within the stamp itself. Pre-inked stamps are re-inkable using a recharging ink to keep your stamp impressions looking great. Available in several ink colours.


In addition to custom stamps, we also have a variety of pre-designed stock pre-inked stamps available for purchase. These stamps come in a variety of designs. Not only do these stamps improve the efficiency of your office, they are also a bright touch to any piece of correspondence keeping you organized and smiling. See the options listed on our order form below.

Please note that these stamps are disposable and the rubber die or sizes cannot be changed.

Ink Pads & Refillable Rubber Stamp Ink

George Hewitt – the premier supplier of rubber ink stamps in Canada also sells a large range of quality ink pads for your stamping needs. We carry the following types of pads:

– Regular Ink Pads for Traditional Rubber Stamps
– Industrial Stamp Pads for Industrial Ink
– Specialty Ink Pads for Specialized Stamping Operations

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We stock stamp pad sizes from 2.25 inches x 3.5 inches to 7 inches x 11 inches.

We also supply replacement ink pads for all major brands of self-inking stamps. These pads come in a variety of colors and you can also order custom colors as well!

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Rubber Soap Stamps

These 90 derometer rubber made products are specifically made for soap and pottery impressions. Use the stamp for marking into soap and clay pottery before the material hardens. The type on the stamp is extra deep and the rubber is extra hard, allowing for an excellent impressions into soft materials.

Rubber Stamp Making Components

Hewitt’s can manufacture un-mounted print mats for you to cut and mount yourself, or for systems and situations in which a flat rubber print mat is required.
We can also supply custom-cut mounts and different size handles to satisfy any project. Hewitt’s has manufactured rubber stamps and supplied components to other rubber stamp companies for decades.

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Call us today and see if we can help you reduce your costs by providing you with our products.

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Hewco Stamp Racks

The stamp rack is designed to hold our Hewco Traditional Rubber Stamps (above) or any other rubber stamps which have a tapered handle. This product features all metal construction which would compliment any desk, counter or work station. The single tier models are designed for an 8 -10 stamp capacity while the two tier models are designed for a 14-18 stamp capacity.

Stay organized and keep your desk clutter free with this handy product.

Grip-Line Grooved Rubber Type and Mats

Ribs on the back of the rubber type interlock with ribs on the rubber mat, which can be applied to any marking device or system that uses an ink pad or roller. This system can also be used with larger types of self-inking stamps. This allows for fast changes of text, which is ideal for date coding and lot number changes. Graphics can also be incorporated in the type for product and brand identification.