Forest Industry


The Geo H. Hewitt Co. has served the Forest and related industry for decades with high quality designed and manufactured specifically to suit our customers requirements.

Whether you are looking for marking equipment, stamps, printers, labels, stencils or more, we can assist you with great products and customer service.

We welcome your inquiries via phone,, email or our online forms.


Certified grade stamp manufacturer for CMSA, CANPLY, AFPA, COFI, MIS, APA, CSI, PLIB and JAS, as well as other grading associations. Custom design and manufacturing for any existing or custom configuration in any size.

IPPC-Compliant Stamps
IPPC stamps with your company registration information and compliant product such as HT or D-HT. Stamps can be mounted as a hand stamp, on a grading hammer or as a roller stamp. Stamps can also be mounted onto a self-inking stamp unit such as the CPL 93.

Non-Certified Grade Stamps
For logo marking, brand names, codes, shifts, dates, Made in Canada, Product of Canada, internal coding systems, nail line dies and other requests.

Stamp Formats
Custom-made ring dies, strip dies with Velcro® back, brass back, plain back, multi stamps or custom requests.

To fit all brands of printers including Burelbach, Claussen, Irvington and Timberstar. We can manufacture to fit any printer, custom or other.

Deep Type Design
Durable rubber type, custom layouts available for face, end and edge printing, for lumber and panels.

Custom rubber dies are made to order in either natural or synthetic rubber. Let us know the specifics of your printing requirements, and we can recommend a specific durometer (hardness) of rubber to maximize your print quality and the durability of the rubber marking die. Our rubber dies are deep-moulded for crisp, clear imprints every time!


Hewco Grading Hammers

A well-balanced hammer with the following features: Four metal clips for grooved stamps make for easy and quick changes of stamps. Available with a 355.6mm- (14″-) long oval handle complete with grip notch that allows you to select the appropriate mark by feel. There is a built-in crayon holder in the base of the handle. Custom rubber dies are made to order in either natural or synthetic rubber.


Hewco Totem Grading Hammers

A well-balanced hammer that enables the lumber grader to produce better marking with relative ease, using any one of the four custom stamps mounted onto the rubber head. Featuring a 355.6mm- (14″-) long oval handle with a grip notch that allows you to select the appropriate mark by feel. There is a built-in crayon holder in the base of the handle, in case any supplementary marks are required. Custom rubber dies are made to order in either natural or synthetic rubber.


Heavy-Duty Self-Inking Lumber Stamps

These heavy-duty, plain self-inking stamps are designed for heavy industrial use. The metal frame is well suited to rough use, and the felt pad accepts most types of ink. A large wooden handle is easy to hold when wearing gloves. Custom-manufactured deep type rubber dies are mounted to the units for quick, easy marking. The CPL 105 is the largest self-inking unit ever made.

CPL 52 (38.1mm x 55.6mm) 1.5″ x 2-3/16″
CPL 93 (50.8mm x 76.2mm) 2″ x 3″
CPL 94 (50.8mm x 101.6mm) 2″ x 4″


XCPN (25.4mm) 1″ Character Band Stamp Numberers

These band stamp numberers have 25.4mm- (1″-) tall number characters on a steel frame with a large wooden handle. They are ideal for industrial applications or wherever a heavy-duty numberer is required. Used in conjunction with a stamp pad, supplied separately.

1004 (25.4mm) 1″ character size (4 bands wide)
1006 (25.4mm) 1″ character size (6 bands wide)
1008 (25.4mm) 1″ character size (8 bands wide)


Propane Hand-Held Branding Irons

A rugged, professional grade brander for heavy-duty gas-heated branding, this system is ideally suited for mobility when working outside the shop. The unit offers the ability to quickly interchange branding heads. Comes with a 3m- (10 foot-) long hose for connecting to your propane tank. Ideal for pallets and crates. The perfect choice for IPPC pallet markings. Single and dual burner units available.

Ideal for IPPC Marking on Pallets and Crates
The United Nations through the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) created a voluntary global standard in March 2002 (ISPM 15). It applies only to wood-packaging materials (both coniferous and non-coniferous) made with solid wood – not engineered wood products (plywood, OSB, etc.) or corrugated when used in international trade.


Reiner Rubber Face Numbering Machines

Specially designed for printing on hard surfaces such as wood, glass and steel. Special quick-dry ink is available with this unit for certain operations.

A sturdy, heavy-duty, fast and reliable self-inking machine. Six to 8 wheels with rubber faces; can be customized up to 15 wheels.

Six-wheel machines are available in a 4.8mm (3/16″), 5.6mm (7/32″) or 6.4mm (1/4″) Gothic character. All other wheel number configurations available in a 4.8mm (3/16″) Gothic character only.

Five different actions; consecutive and repeating up to 4 times. Heavy-duty metal frame.

All Reiner numbering machines are by special order only.


Hewco Industrial Hand Stamps

Custom-made to suit your size and marking requirements. Channel Stamps that hold rubber type and Rocker Stamps for very large stamp configurations. Custom rubber dies are made to order in either natural or synthetic rubber.


Hewco Industrial Single, Double and Triple Head Stamps

Custom-made for marking multiple grades of lumber using only one stamp. Custom rubber dies are made to order in either natural or synthetic rubber.


Hewco Industrial Hand Rollers

63.5mm- (2-1/2″-) diameter wooden drum with aluminium wear plate mounted to an aluminium frame with a large wooden handle. Custom rubber dies are made to order in either natural or synthetic rubber. Self-inking also available in all sizes. Other custom widths, drum diameters and handle options are also available.

(76.2mm) 3″ wide
(101.6mm) 4″ wide
(152.4mm) 6″ wide


Hewco Aluminium Lumber Stamp Trays (with Pad Insert)

Heavy-duty cast aluminium stamp pad trays for use with replaceable Hewco sponge inserts. For high production hand-stamping use. Full-size sheets of Hewco sponge 457mm x 914mm x 9.5mm (18″ x 36″ x 3/8″) also available for you to cut to size.

(184mm x 117mm) 7-1/4″ x 4-5/8″


Industrial Rubber Stamp Pads

High-impact enamelled metal box with rubber gasket and fleece-covered felt pad. For use with all types of ink, including solvent-based inks. Pads are supplied dry.

Model ART 17 (152mm x 102mm) 6″ x 4″
Model ART 23 (229mm x 127mm) 9″ x 5″
Model ART 25 (279mm x 178mm) 11″ x 7″


Hewco Custom Aluminium Stencils

Hewitt’s is the industry leader when it comes to the design, features, tolerances and quality custom aluminium stencils. When the environment or size of job makes other types of stencils unsuitable, Hewitt’s aluminium stencils offer long life without having to sacrifice versatility. Hewitt’s combines the most flexible design and fabrication department in the industry with custom options to provide our customers with stencil products that meet their specific needs.

Windows & Ports
Windows allow flexibility with the option to change information (for example: sizes, weights, lengths, shifts, dates, etc.). Our own T-Bar extrusion design holds the inserts in the window for precise placement and easy removal.

Stencil Inserts
Made from light-gauge aluminium in any size to format all the information you require on your stencil image. We record all specifications of your stencil so you can order more inserts at a later date and know that the fit will be perfect. A lip on the edge of the insert allows for easy and accurate insertion and removal.

Other Options
Handles to carry and position the stencil. Hangers to hang the stencil on the load during the painting process to ensure a consistent stencilling location. Bends or flares on the stencil sides and/or bottom will deflect over-spray.


Hewco Custom Mylar or Oil Board Stencils

Hewitt’s can fabricate a Mylar or Oil Board Stencil custom-made to your specifications. Mylar Stencils are a lightweight and economical solution for your stencilling needs and can be used repeatedly with proper care. Oil Board stencils offer a temporary solution for a stencilling job. Choose from standard typestyles or talk to us about using a custom typestyle, graphic or corporate logo.


Dixon® Lumber Marking Crayons

The world’s standard! Highest quality pigments and clays are extruded under high pressure to form a crayon that will last up to 10 times longer than moulded, wax or chalk crayons. Fade-proof, waterproof, smear-proof. Will work on wet or dry wood, metal, concrete and most other surfaces. Each crayon is individually UPC coded. Graphite blend is also recommended for green lumber use.

#492 Pink, #493 Purple, #494 Carbon Black, #495 Brown, #496 Yellow, #497 Terra Cotta, #520 Red, #520.5 Soft Red, #521 Blue, #521.5 Soft Blue, #522 Green, #523 White, #526 Fluorescent Pink, #361 Medium Graphite, #362 Hard Graphite, #365 Very Soft Graphite, #365.5 Soft Graphite.


Markal® Ultrascan® Polymer Fluorescent Crayon

This polymer formula results in improved character recognition. All colours are specifically designed to read on the Lucidyne and other grade marker readers. One temperature formula eliminates the need for multiple hardnesses. Up to twice the writing life of other fluorescent crayons. 120.7mm x 17.5mm (4-3/4″ x 11/16″)

#01 Crimson, #11 Brick Red, #12 Burgundy, #13 Rust, #21 Magenta, #22 Red,
#23 Salmon, #31 Red Orange, #32 Pink, #33 Hot Pink, #41 Orange, #42 Dark Orange,
#43 Coral, #44 Bright Orange, #51 Berry, #52 Brown, #53 Yellow Orange, #54 Golden Rod, #55 Dark Brown,
#61 Lime, #62 Green, #63 Yellow, #70 Blue Green, #71 Spring Green, #80 Royal Blue, #81 Light Blue,
#90 Violet, #91 Bright Pink, #100 Fuchsia, #101 Red Violet.


Dixon Fluorescan Crayons

Brilliant fluorescent wax crayons are scannable with UV scanning equipment. Large round size 127mm x 17.5mm (5” x 11/16” ) for an easy grip.


Markal B Paintstiks

A permanent, solid, real paint marker in stick form. Bright colours for high visibility. Mark on steel and iron, pipes and tubes, plates, tires and retreading, cement and stone, ceramics, coding alloys, lumber, non-ferrous metals and textiles. Ideal for and marks through oily, icy and wet, dry or cold surfaces. Marks on smooth, rough, rusty or dirty surfaces. Weather and UV resistant. Lead-free and non-toxic. Marking range: -46ºC to 66ºC (-50ºF to 150ºF). Sold by the gross (144) only.



Dixon Railroad Chalk

The original marking chalk for temporary markings on metal, wood, stone and paperboard since 1835. This smooth-marking chalk is ideal for bright temporary marks. Available in four colours. White is coated for clean handling. Large 101.6mm x 25.4mm (4″ x 1″) tapered stick for an easy grip. Sold by the gross.


Dixon Fluorescan Chalk

Brilliant fluorescent chalk, scannable with UV scanning equipment. Available in a full selection of fluorescent colours. Large 101.6mm x 25.4mm (4″ x 1″) tapered stick for an easy grip.

#12001 Red, #12002 Yellow/Orange, #12003 Orange,
#12004 Yellow/Green, #12005 Blue/Green, #12006 Blue,
#12007 Red/Violet, #12008 Blue Violet.


Crayon and Chalk Holders

High quality wood holders can accommodate both crayons and chalk for increased convenience. 3 sizes: Standard 14.29mm (9/16″), Fluorescent 17.46mm (11/16″) and Jumbo 25.4mm (1″). Can hold both round and hexagonal shapes. Walnut Crayon Holder has a metal chuck and a leather wrist strap for increased durability and functionality.


Pulp Bale Marker

Ideal for pulp bale and paper identification. 108mm x 9.5mm (4-1/4″ x 3/8″).

#82420 White, #82421 Yellow, #82422 Red, #82423 Black.


X-10 Markers

Large ink supply with heavy-duty felt tip. Fast-drying and weather resistant. Easily marks on smooth or rough surfaces. Available in standard black or red.


88 Markers

Valve-actuated, dye-based industrial marker for general marking on porous surfaces. Weather-resistant, fast-drying ink. Long-lasting tip. Available in standard black or blue, green and red.


M99 Refillable Markers

Sturdy felt tip gives years of reliable service. Easily refillable barrel holds a large quantity of Marsh T-grade pigmented and dye type inks. Marsh K ink can also be used. Valve action keeps the tip freshly inked and ready to mark. Replacement tips available.


Timber Tagger

The Timber Tagger is a patented tool that, when attached to a pneumatic staple gun, can advance, cut and staple tags with a single pull of the trigger. The Timber Tagger applies a special die cut tag at a rate of up to 3 tags per second in the hands of an experienced operator and can easily reach over an inch into unevenly stacked bundles of lumber.

Apply a barcode or other custom tag onto dimensional lumber, plywood, decking, poles or any other wood product.

Supplies of staples and Custom Tags also available. Please call for information.



TEC B-882 Label and Barcode Printers

This rugged, hardworking printer accommodates a wide range of tags and stocks. It has internal media handling and a tough, stainless steel case making it ideal for factory, warehouse or shipping department, yet elegant enough for office or retail applications. Capable of printing at up to 8 inches per second, the B-882 is lightning-fast and versatile. This 305 dpi printer is capable of printing up to 8 inches in width along its straight-through paper path. TOSHIBA TEC’s exclusive FETHR head technology permits lighter head pressure on a wide range of stock, automatically adjusting to your media thickness while maintaining consistent, high-quality print.



TEC BSX4 Label and Barcode Printers

This rugged, hardworking printer combines proven TOSHIBA TEC printer features with 10 years of innovation. Incorporating the most advanced thermal head technology in the industry, the BSX4 delivers long head life that doubles the B-472 and triples the longevity of conventional flathead technologies. The BSX4 is the next generation of the popular B-472 thermal printer. The BSX4 has increased memory, coming with 8MB, which permits printing up to 107″ in print length. The 32-bit RISC processor, coupled with the 32-bit RISC bus, make the BSX4 the fastest TOSHIBA TEC printer to date. With a wide variety of connectivity options, including wireless LAN 802.11b and internal Ethernet, the BSX4 is the perfect combination of performance, quality and value. The integrated RFID capability offers flexible options for virtually every RFID need on the labelling market.



Hewco Labels and Tags

Provide us with your layout and specifications, and we can manufacture labels and tags for all of your applications.

Available as blank roll stock, pre-printed, eye-marked, die cut, slit and/or perforated.

Common tag types are Tyvek tags, Tally tag books, LumberTuff polyester eye-marked perforated tags, coated and un-coated paper tags.

Common label types are Tyvek labels, pre-printed labels in 1 colour to 4 colour plus coating, die cut perforated labels.