Branding Irons


Custom hand-held electric, flame heated, drill press mounted or propane powered branding irons with solid brass heads designed to permanently mark into any variety of wood, leather, plastic, rubber or foam. Stainless steel and aluminum food safe heads are also available for marking buns, cakes and steaks. We have units which will operate continuously in production environments and units for businesses, individuals and hobbyists. Our branding irons have been purchased for use in Industry, Manufacturing, Railroads, Tourism and other Organizations, Breweries and Wineries, Restaurants and Bakeries, Golf Courses and various Woodcraft and Woodwork shops all over British Columbia, Canada and the United States of America.

Please take a moment to read the 5 questions below which need to be considered in order for us to determine the right branding iron for your particular application. When you’re ready, give our sales representative Jeffery Mahe a call at 604-294-6288, email him at or hit the request a quote button below to start the process of receiving a quotation.

1  Do you require text only, a logo only or a combination of both to be on your branding iron ?  In most cases we can reproduce your customer supplied graphics provided that the details are not too small or too fine. We will let you know and offer alterations if necessary for your approval.  When you submit a graphic please ensure that it is in black and white if possible and is the highest quality and resolution you have available.  If you only have a doodle on a napkin or just the idea in your head of what you want then please send us or tell us what you have and we will start from there to help offer design ideas for you.

2  What is the size of the brand image you want ?   

3  What are you branding ?  The material you are branding should ideally be as smooth and flat as possible without any raised grain to achieve the perfect fine detail mark. This is less important with large chunky images with less detail. The material you are branding should also be unfinished without paint, stain or lacquer. If you’re not sure, please let us know so we can discuss this with you!

4  Approximately how many brands per hour are you intending to accomplish with this branding iron ?

5  Do you need a flame heated or powered branding iron ?  If you’re not sure please let us know so we can discuss options with you!

Hand Held Electrical Branding Irons

Hand Held Electric

We stock a variety of 120 volts AC hand held electrical branding irons from 75 to 1000 watts in power for branding images up to 24 square inches. We will match your requested branding head size to the correct power unit to compliment your intended use. Plug the branding iron into the outlet and let it warm up for approximately 20 minutes before use. Make a test mark on scrap material. Consider purchasing a temperature regulator below to more precisely control your branding iron if required. You will need to practice to learn how long to hold the dwell time. Let the heat and the weight of the branding iron do the work. 240 volts AC units are available by special order.

Flame Heated Branding Irons

Flame Heated

Our most economical branding iron. Flame heated branding irons with branding images up to 32 square inches come complete with an 18 inch long steel forged handle. Use an open flame such as a propane torch. Keep the flame moving back and forth across the branding iron and do not leave the flame in one spot. Watch the colour of the branding head and when it starts to change, make a test brand on a scrap piece of material. If the mark is too light, heat longer. If the mark is too dark, let it cool down for a few seconds and make another test mark before attempting to brand the final product. Let the heat and the weight of the branding iron do the work.

Drill Press Mounted Branding Irons

Drill Press

Hewitt’s can provide you with a drill press mountable electric branding iron unit for branding images up to 24 square inches to insert into your existing drill press to compliment your manufacturing or assembly line process. You will need a drill press with a ½ inch diameter chuck and a spindle to table clearance of at least 5 inches for our units to be used.

Propane Powered Branding Iron

Propane Powered

If you are requiring a powerful branding iron unit and you are wanting to brand items in the yard, field or back country away from electrical power sources then this portable unit will do the job. Our propane branders come with your branding image up to 24 square inches, a 10 foot propane hose which can be screwed directly into a 20 lb. propane tank and a flint striker.

Branding Iron Replacement Heads

Industrial Applications

Custom industrial branding equipment and replacement branding heads in any size or configuration can be manufactured to your specifications.

Voltage Regulator

Temperature Regulator

If your branding application requires adjustable temperature control to better control the branding image repeatability on your products then we can supply you with a temperature regulator compatible with any of our electric units.