Hewitt’s Product line-up includes custom marking equipment, devices, sundries and other related items for Industrial, Business, Government and Personal applications. Hewitt’s Industrial Products fulfill requirements for The Forest Industry, The Oil and Gas Industry, The Mining Industry, The Film Industry and The Manufacturing Sector as well as many others. Hewitt’s Business Marking and Identification Products fulfill requirements for all Business and Government sectors such as Corporations, Banking Institutions, Legal Offices, Schools, colleges and universities, Ministry Offices, Courts, Customs Services and Police Agencies. All of our products can be and are used by individuals for personal use to achieve the desired results they require. Please contact us to discuss your specific marking or identification requirements so that our experienced staff can help you fulfill your needs. At Hewitt’s no request is too small or too large.

Trusted Brands
In addition to our own high-quality Hewco brand, Hewitt’s is proud to supply products from the following trusted companies:

  • Rowmark®
  • Xstamper®
  • National Date Stamp (RapidPrint)
  • Slatz®
  • Nexus™
  • Marsh
  • EBS®
  • Porelon®
  • Rudd
  • Scott Sign Systems, Inc®
  • Reiner
  • Dixon®
  • Markal® Ultrascan®