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Meeting UPC bar code requirements can be a job in itself. Manually stapling tags onto ends of lumber is time consuming and tiring.

The FasTagger II is a labeling system specially built for lumber mills, lumber yards and forestry product companies that combines a heavy duty stapler with a label dispensing apparatus that allows fast one handed end tagging of finished lumber. The system feeds preprinted polytags into the stapler and attaches and cuts the label from the roll with the squeeze of the trigger. The quick way to safely label lumber in just minutes.


The TimberTagger is a patented tool that, when attached to a pneumatic staple gun, can advance, cut and staple tags with a single pull of the trigger. It applies a die cut tag at high speed and can easily reach over an inch into unevenly stacked bundles of timber. The TimberTagger is easily mounted on a light wire pneumatic staple gun. When the staple gun needs cleaning or repair, the TimberTagger can be detached and mounted to another in seconds with only one screw.


Without a doubt the most effective and efficient machine ever designed and manufactured by Marsh Shipping Supply Co., LLC. Used to dispense gummed paper tape, the industry has waited years for this machine. You’ll agree that it’s been worth the wait! The TD2100 has been designed with ease of operation and dependability in mind. So, if you are feeling a little insecure about your carton closure, be confident that your packages will be received intact.


Reliable and economical, carton after carton. A superb water-activated tape dispensing system for permanent, tamper-evident carton sealing. The TD2100 was built right for service, economy and dependability year after year. This is a highly durable, hardworking and easy-to-use dispenser for your carton sealing operation.


For railway, bus line, berry picking, restaurant, coupon and event use or wherever a sturdy, long wearing punching tool is required. Hardened steel clear cutting die, polished nickel-plated finish, easy spring action, finger ring welded to the handle. There are 1,645 random punch designs available to help ensure that no two punches ordered will be the same. 2″ (50.8mm) reach, 5-3/4″ (146mm) long, .625lbs. (.28kg)

Hewco Medi-Guard Liquid Sanitizer


(NPN 80105497)   Canadian Made and Bottled. Available to Industry, Business, Institutions and the Public in an effort to combat communicable diseases.

Hewitt’s offers our Canadian made and bottled liquid sanitizer, listed on The Government of Canada Licensed Natural Health Products Database and linked below.


No Minimum order required and product is available in stock. Available in 2oz. (60ml), 8oz. (250ml), 12oz. (375ml), 32oz. (1L), 1 Gal. (4L) and 5 Gal (20L) containers. 0.35oz (10ml) black glass personal spray bottles and 16oz. (500ml) touchless table top dispensers also available.