Directory Boards


Installation available on all products


Slatz® Modular Directory Boards

Slatz Directory Boards can be installed just about anywhere. Alcoves and inconvenient architecture are no problem for the unique face-fitting components of the Slatz Sign System.

Slatz components can be used to create everything from a single desktop sign to an entire programme of co-ordinating interior directories.

Headers and blades can be engraved and paint filled, screen-printed or have computer-cut vinyl text applied to them to allow for an inexpensive change of blade information due to tenant changes.

Blades are available in anodized aluminum in many different heights and are custom cut to your length requirements from master lengths.



NEXUS Changeable Directory Board Systems

A sign system that provides flexibility, changeability and inter-changeability, the patented NEXUS spline is the key to the entire system. The spline is the integral element, which serves as the connector for all NEXUS components. Available in three systems…

The NEXUS Mountplate System is the most basic sign construction. Faceplates and Mountplate sizes are matched and snap together to create single-face nameplates and directional signs. Available in the trim, cap or rail look.

The Multibase System is the most economical. The one-piece construction of the base allows quick assembly of single or multiple plate signs. The Multibase System is available in the cap and rail looks, at 45mm, 60mm, 75mm, 90mm, 120mm and 150mm blade heights. Also available in the frame look, at 120mm and 150mm blade heights.

The Baseplate System is the most flexible system. It is ideal for producing multi-plate directories and information signs of varying blade heights and configurations.

Standard blade heights are available in 15mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, 40mm, 45mm, 50mm, 60mm, 75mm, 90mm, 100mm, 120mm and 150mm, and can be cut to any length. Blades and components are available in clear, gold, black or bronze anodized finishes and other painted colours.

Blades can be engraved and paint-filled, screen-printed or have computer-cut vinyl text applied to them to allow for an inexpensive change of blade information due to tenant changes.


Hewco Directory Blades

We service our directory boards and even many other older directory boards manufactured by other companies, supplying replacement directory board plates.

Hewitt’s manufactures illuminated interlocking directory blades, which are flat black and engraved with the directory information, allowing the back lighting to shine through when installed into the directory board.

We also manufacture custom and supply brand-name directory blades to match existing directory boards. Information can be added to the directory blades by applying computer-cut vinyl, engraving and paint filling or by other means directly onto the surface of the directory blade.

We will set up specifications for your building location and floor level to ensure that future orders are easily placed. Simply provide us with your name and address, and we will stock your extra directory blades for you so that we can produce them as quickly as possible.

Let Hewitt’s provide you with pre-spaced vinyl lettering so you can apply the information directly to an installed directory blade without having to remove it from your directory board.


Hewco Non-Changeable Directory Boards

The least expensive type of directory boards we offer. Size, colour and graphics to suit your requirements. We can match an existing scheme within your building or upgrade your directory needs. These directory boards can be manufactured from engraved plastic or clear acrylic, where we apply the graphics and information in computer-cut vinyl to the back of the acrylic and custom-paint the entire surface in your specific colour choice, leaving a smooth front surface.


Hewco N300 Elevator Notice Insert Boards

Elevator regulations state that any information board placed inside an elevator must comply to a maximum thickness and must not be attached to the elevator wall by any means other than double-sided adhesive. Our N300 Elevator Notice Boards comply with these regulations.

Measures 19.05mm (3/4″) frame width and only 7.93mm (5/16″) thick with a 1.52mm (0.060″) clear non-glare acrylic lens cover attached to top of the frame for easy insert change.

A set screw at the top of the notice board ensures a measure of security that your document won’t be vandalized.

A clear anodized aluminium frame is standard. Gold or black anodized or custom painted surface options are also available.

Available in standard paper insert sizes of 8.5″ x 11″ and 11″ x 17″. Custom sizes are also available by special order.


Hewco A600 and U500 Snap-Frame Notice Insert Boards

Available in our deluxe (A600) and economy (U500) models. Only 5/8 inch (17mm) thick, the snap frame allows all 4 sides to snap open for those quick graphic changes. A unique spring action holds your information and the clear non-glare film firmly in place.

Mitered corners are standard, round corners are available by special order.

A clear anodized aluminium frame is standard. Black anodized finish available by special order.

Available in standard paper insert sizes of 8.5″ x 11″ and 11″ x 17″. Custom sizes are also available by special order.


Hewco E700 Curved Notice Insert Boards

The uniquely curved shape of this notice insert board adds style to any message. The clear anodized aluminium convex plate is 7/8″ (23mm) at its thickest point and includes grey plastic end caps. A clear non-glare lens covers your notices. Use the suction cup to easily remove the inserts from the signs by simply attaching it to the inserts and pulling.

Available in 8.5″ x 11″. Custom sizes also available by special order.


Hewco Indoor or Outdoor Enclosed Cork, Changeable Message and Reader Boards

Indoor and outdoor enclosed cork, changeable message and reader boards are great at getting out the message for office buildings, residential buildings, schools, churches, park districts and the like.

These units are custom-made in many different sizes in 1-, 2- or 3-door models with or without a header and with various interior finishes and options.

Units can include different options like custom logos, as well as screen-printed or computer-cut vinyl header panels.

Satin anodized aluminum frame, shatter-resistant acrylic window with lockable doors mounted on full-length piano hinges (2 keys included) is standard.

Outdoor boards have sealed aluminum backing and drainage holes.

All sizes are custom manufactured to suit your request from 18″ wide x 24″ high to 96″ wide x 48″ high.