Rubber Stamps


Hewco Traditional Rubber Stamps

Our traditional rubber stamp has not changed much in appearance over our 115-year history. The rubber stamp Vancouver depends on still performs the same task it always has.

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With solid wood handle and base, quality rubber dies and a clear index on the base, the traditional rubber stamp is the most economical and durable of all the rubber stamping products. Sized to suit your requirements. Use in conjunction with a stamp pad, supplied separately. Heavy-duty and rocker-mount stamps are also available for an extra cost, depending on your needs. Traditional Rubber Stamps require a stamp pad which is available for purchase separately.


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Self-Inking Stamps

A self-inking stamp works this way: an internal ink pad soaks the rubber die with ink every time you use it.

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Pressing downward on the handle rotates the rubber die away from the ink pad. The rubber stamps the paper, leaving a crisp impression. Self-inking stamps are perfect for repeated stamping when the stamp is used repeatedly throughout the day. To refill the ink, replace the ink pad inside the handle with a fresh one. To remove the pad, just push down on the handle a little and use a pointed item to push the pad through so that it emerges from the other side.

Pricing includes custom rubber die and ink pad.


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Pre-Inked Stamps

A pre-inked stamp makes clear and crisp impressions. Ideal for office use, pre-inked stamps are excellent for addresses, logos and any text in which the quality of the impression is most important.

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Pre-inked stamps are always ready for action. The ink is impregnated into the stamp itself. Pre-inked stamps are re-inkable using a recharging ink.

MaxLight™ Pre-Inked Stamps

The MaxLight™ brand of pre-inked stamps is a “flash stamp” system whereby an exposure of your custom layout is transferred directly onto the pad surface. Pricing includes custom layout with stamp fully inked.



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Xstamper® Pre-Inked Stamps

We offer the entire line of Xstamper pre-inked stamps for customers who require this specific line of pre-inked stamps.

Self-Inking Stock Stamps

These handy pre-inked and re-inkable stock stamps help you manage your correspondence and communication every day. The impression these stamps make is approximately 1/2″ x 1-5/8″. We keep the most commonly requested phrases in stock. Over 75 types to choose from.

Re-Inking Ink, and Ink Pads

Hewco Soap and Pottery Stamps

Traditional rubber stamps made to order for marking into soap and clay pottery before hardening. The type is extra deep and the rubber is extra hard, allowing for an excellent impressions into soft materials.

Hewco Un-Mounted Rubber Stamps and Rubber Stamp Making Components

Hewitt’s can manufacture un-mounted print mats for you to cut and mount yourself, or for systems and situations in which a flat rubber print mat is required.

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We can also supply custom-cut mounts and different size handles to satisfy any project. Hewitt’s has manufactured rubber stamps and supplied components to other rubber stamp companies for decades. Call us today and see if we can help you reduce your costs by providing you with our products.

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Hewco Stamp Racks

Designed to hold our Hewco Traditional Rubber Stamps (above) or any other rubber stamps which have a tapered handle. All metal construction which would compliment any desk, counter or work station. Black painted metal with chromed shafts and connectors. Single tier models for 8 stamp capacity or 10 stamp capacity. Two tier models for 14 stamp capacity or 18 stamp capacity.

Grip-Line Grooved Rubber Type and Mats

Ribs on the back of the rubber type interlock with ribs on the rubber mat, which can be applied to any marking device or system that uses an ink pad or roller. This system can also be used with larger types of self-inking stamps. This allows for fast changes of text, which is ideal for date coding and lot number changes. Graphics can also be incorporated in the type for product and brand identification.